Our Founder and President

Mike Moeller

Raised in Newhall for most of his life, Mike understands the importance of sticking to one’s roots, as well as, establishing life-long, professional relationships. As a young adult, Mike worked for almost a decade as an administrative manager for a Fortune 500 company, and left in pursuit of professional independence. He began his career in the mortgage industry in 1991 as a loan officer for a mortgage banker in Valencia. In 1995, after gaining experience and becoming a top producer in the company, he decided to establish even more professional independence by founding his very own company: Pacific Funding Mortgage Division.Many things have changed since 1995. PFMD is no longer just a mortgage brokerage. Instead, it is an independent mortgage bank. In addition, Mike is no longer the driving force of his loan originations: the loan officers are. One very important facet that has not and will not change is PFMD’s company culture, which is committed to giving loan officers the authority to find the support and systems that work best for them in order to support their clients.Pacific Funding Mortgage Division welcomes professionals who are committed to believe in our company mission. It is a place to grow and prosper; a place where time coupled with integrity, persistence, and knowledge results in constant growth for all.
Mike Moeller - Founder and President

Mike`s Personal Motto

Do today only that which makes tomorrow a better day.