Mortgage Loan Disclosure Specialist

Team members in this role will prepare and send initial disclosures when requested by sales. Additional responsibilities will include preparing all re-disclosures as necessary throughout the loan process. Any post-closing issues that arises related to disclosing clarification or possible resolution, will be directed to this team member.
  • Review daily pipeline for initial disclosure due dates and needs for re-disclosure.
  • Complete disclosures and re-disclosures in accordance with current regulatory requirements.
  • Document and track any errors and/or omissions for all disclosures.
  • Complete initial disclosures tasked to the disclosure desk and then issued processing assignment.
  • Verify validity of requested change circumstances (COC) request.
  • Review COC for accuracy and re-disclosure requirements and send to LO/LOA/Borrower E-folder in predefined bucket, update information into the conversation log.
  • Prepare pre-disclosing LE and CD closing package based on provided final charges outlined on the estimated hud-1 along with other terms of transaction, within predetermined timeline. This is a time sensitive process, which drives the ability to close and meet the predetermined Close of Escrow date.
  • Register and review disclosure tracking for accuracy, prepare COC package and upload into E-folder in predefined bucket, update information into the log conversation log.
  • Pull internal compliance reports (mavent report) which pulls both state and federal testing, ensuring that all errors or possible false reporting is addressed prior to the release of the pre-disclosing package. In addition, fee variances checked against standardized APR charges.
  • All lender credits to be pre-approved by secondary prior to the release of the pre-closing disclosures.
  • Complete and confirm that Disclosure Tracking passes all company standards, and prepare final compliance package for investor review.
  • Access FHA Connection and order FHA Case Number’s along with all borrower’s cavirs.
  • FHA assigned case numbers are only required on FHA transactions.
  • Clear Cavirs are only required on FHA transactions, if we are unable to obtain this, the LO/LOA should be notified immediately.
  • Access the E-folder under the document tab to eliminate and unnecessary buckets.
  • Add any pre-determined buckets based on the specific program type:
    FHA Case Number & Cavirs, Compliance: Pre-disclosing LE & CD, Compliance: COC and Re-disclosure, Compliance- Final Complete Disclosure Package, Internal Worksheets, Trash.
Knowledge, Experience & Skills:
  • Minimum two years lending experience: conventional, FHA and VA.
  • Knowledge of current CFPB and RESPA requirements for Mortgage disclosures.
  • Strong sense of personal accountability.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Proven ability to learn quickly and retain knowledge
  • Ability to interact with others in a positive manner, either in person or by phone.
  • Detail oriented with the ability to multitask.
  • Ability to meet deadlines
Department :
Reporting Manager :
Operations and Assistant Operations Manager
Type of Employment :
Full time position with possible overtime as needed
Pre-determined hours :
08:00 A.M. – 5:00 p.m. – with an understanding that all disclosures must meet delivery timeline.
To apply for this position, please email your resume and your LinkedIn profile link (if applicable) to :